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In-Person Events

Sell tickets, manage & run
in-person events &

LIVE Virtual Events

Sell tickets, manage & run
LIVE online events.

Pre-Recorded Streams

Sell tickets, manage & run
pre-recorded ‘like live’

Delivered within a professional lobby:

Skola does it all

Cancel subscriptions to other tools, stop trying to stitch things together using multiple tools.

Skola Events unifies everything you need in one easy to use interface.

Enhance your events

We enhance your events with the latest technology.

Run your In-Person & Virtual Events all from the same system.

One Unified place for attendees to view whats happening, announcements & more whether they’re at your event in person or streaming from their computer at home.

Better attendee experience

Your event attendees receive a ticket when they register or purchase your event.

Once inside of your Virtual Lobby it’s clear, easy to access live sessions & network.

Attendees love the whole experience that our unified system delivers.

Sell, Giveaway & Manage Tickets For:


Invite multiple speakers to talk at your summit. Sell tickets & provide access to a complete schedule of events through the Skola Events lobby.


Get your community together around an event. Generate leads for your company. Meet, connect, share and learn from one another within an event format.


Run conferences for your business through the Skola Events lobby.


Deliver Co-Horts over 3 - 6 weeks through the Skola Events platform. Announce updates, scedule sessions & connect with your audience.


Sell spots to a workshop then deliver the workshop through the Skola Event Portal.

Here’s why you want to use Skola Events to run your next Virtual or In-Person event:

Ticket Management

Automatically send tickets to your attendees right after registration or purchase.

Manage sales and support attendees through our ticket management system.

  • QR Code Scanner
  • Unique Ticket IDs
  • Printable Tickets

Virtual Event Lobby

Attendees get access to a Virtual Lobby.

They can view your event announcements, agenda & who’s attending.

For Virtual LIVE events. The stream starts right from within the Virtual Lobby.

Attendees can watch from anywhere in the world, engage with other attendees & more.


Your event lobby features a timer that counts down when your event will begin.

Attendees can see it clearly above your event to ensure that they don’t miss out on any of the sessions.


Post announcements to attendees of your event from a Virtual Lobby.

Send announcements as emails or posts.

Attendees are notified and can engage directly with your announcements through comments or ‘likes’.

Customizeable Agenda

Your attendees can view all sessions through a customizeable event ‘Agenda’.

Attendees can sync their calendar with your event.

Attendees can then attend in person or click to ‘Join’ a virtual live stream from within your events lobby.


Provide your attendees with a unique networking experience.

Attendees can view profiles of attendees as well as message one another.

Your attendees can organize meetings at your in-person event or connect through the virtual lobby.


Once the event has finished you can schedule in replays for your attendees to view.

Choose how long these replays are available and who can view them.


Skola Events automatically notifies your attendees when events happen within your event.

Customize your notifications to send notifications or emails for important actions.

Notify attendees as sessions begin & replays are posted.

Real-Time Tracking

Track your attendees activity throughout your event in real-time.

See as attendees login to view your event and what actions they take within the system.

Attendee Levels

Decide who can view parts of your event and who can’t based on attendee and what they purchase.

Unlock exclusive content for VIPs or Sponsors.

Provide attendees with opportunities to upgrade to premium levels throughout your event.

Sell Sponsorship To Your Events

Increase revenue through sponsorships.

Sponsors can then upload or add information about their business for your approval.

Showcase sponsors within the event lobby, banners or during the streaming event.

Activity Monitoring & Analytics

Monitor attendees activity and attendance.

View event trends & report on key event metrics.

Get a transparent look into the engagement of your event.

Skola Events Runs On Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

Skola Events works for participants anywhere. From your conference hall, the bus or their home computer. Attendees get up to date information all from their mobile phone.

  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited attendees
  • In-Person events
  • Live steamed events online
  • Payment processing
  • Ticket management
  • Event lobby
  • Event calendar
  • Networking
  • Custom design & branding
  • Video & Audio streaming
  • Integrate with 1000s of other software
  • Multiple speakers
  • Advanced analytics & tracking
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a refund guarantee?

Yes! There is a 30 day refund guarantee available when you purchase this upgrade. If this doesn’t immediately help you to improve student results and create then sell Virtual Events effectively, simply give us an email to [email protected] or submit a ticket to our help desk at: within 30 days and we will provide you with a full refund.

How do I get support for features?

You can give us an email at [email protected] if you’d like support. We have a dedicated support team available to help you 7 days every week.

How long will this offer be available for?

This offer is available for a limited time. Once this launch closes down this offer will become unavailable. Once this launch expires you will need to purchase this product for a minimum monthly or yearly price. The Virtual training event will cost an additional $197 to join.

Does this include commercial rights?

Yes! You can use every one of these features with your clients. It’s one of the benefits in securing access within this founder launch. Commercial Rights are included.

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